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Godiva Chocolatier Chocolate Truffles, Signature, 4 Count Gift Box

Product Description
We’re partial to giving our 4-piece Signature Truffle gift box to co-workers on special occasions, friends, just because, or to party guests as the perfect favor. Buy one extra to savor yourself!

Price: $8.99

  • 4 piece signature truffle gift box
  • Perfect for party favors
  • 4 flavors
  • 4 pieces, 2.75 oz

Little blue box
By Shereen M on 2008-11-22 16:15:18

Wooww, nice product! I want to share this product!

What customers say about Godiva Chocolatier Chocolate Truffles, Signature, 4 Count Gift Box?

  1. So pretty!

    Still Life Theme at:
    The World Through My Eyes

  2. beautiful tones!

  3. Hehe, thank you for the wishes 🙂

    Didn’t see the tags, hence didn’t know what’s in it. I passed my driving test ages ago – seems so long now. But aaw, must be a lovely keyring indeed!

  4. strange I should see this in the morning, today 🙂 considering it is my birthday.

    Makes me wonder what was in that little blue box.

  5. I used this image in a blog post. Thanks for the Creative Commons licensing! dangerouslyirrelevant.org/2016/12/the-best-gift.html

  6. A Tiffany key ring, for my car keys (i just passed my test) 🙂

  7. wahts in ti? whats in it?

  8. great shot ,lovely color

  9. Lovely capture… so soft and delicate.
    The World Through My Eyes

  10. pretty!

  11. beautiful tone and composition, and it’s so elegant 🙂

  12. sweet blue tones

    Your KARMA Group

  13. soft and pretty!

  14. Aw, thanks – you too 🙂 We should definitely dip!

    I know, I waited 7 years to learn for some reason – so glad it’s over with now though! hope you had a good day 🙂

    Thanks all x

  15. wonderful soft shot

  16. Great tones!

  17. Lovely composition…

    The World Through My Eyes

  18. Well then it’s for you! Happy Birthday 🙂

  19. Lovely ,,, I wonder what’s in it 😉 ??

  20. Aw, there it is!!! 😉 We should do a dippy! Happy Tuesday, girl!

  21. ‘kama’

  22. every girl’s fave shade of blue: tiffany’s!

    nice soft hues + subtle bokeh.

  23. pretty blue!

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