chocolate recipes with fruitsChocolate, that delicious treat that can combine with everything, which also helps to overcome the depression, is the indicated to celebrate a special date or just satisfy a craving, chocolate is multi-use and many of the best desserts use chocolate as the main ingredient.

That is why we bring to you some delicious recipes that combine chocolate with fruit, which guarantees that it is a delicious dessert, even better, these recipes are very easy to make and have a common goal which is to delight your palate, without spending many hours in the preparation of the dessert:

Mixed Fruits Covered in Chocolate

This recipe is the simplest of all and the ingredients are easy to get, the amounts will vary depending on how many fruits you want to use either apple, peaches, strawberries, banana, etc., you will also need melted chocolate and that is all that you need in essence, so easy!

The preparation consists in the cutting of the fruits and then put them into the refrigerator, after that you will melt the chocolate in a microwave oven, once the chocolate is hot you will look for the fruits in the refrigerator, by last you will submerge them inside the melted chocolate, you can add syrup or chocolate rain to give it a personalized touch. If you have a chocolate fountain machine you can melt the chocolate with the machine and as the chocolate flows you put the fruits around the fountain, which will make the preparation so much fun.

Crispy Bananas

It consists, just like the previous recipe, in use previously frozen and chopped bananas and the melted chocolate, when the chocolate is still wet, you will cover the banana with it, you can add something crispy like hazelnuts, cereal or almonds and once the chocolate is solidified you will have your recipe ready.

Strawberries covers with Chocolate

This is a recipe known for everyone, due in the fairs, strawberries covers with chocolate are most of the sold products, but at home we can add our personal touch with the addition of rain of colors or even strawberry syrup or even a little whipped cream, everything will depend of your imagination and your taste in trying new desserts.

Since chocolate by itself is delicious, when is combined with fruits, creates a unique explosion of flavors. It is very important when buying fruits to ensure they are in good condition and to wash them well before eat them, if the fruits are rancid or acidic the dessert will lose its flavor.

These recipes are ideal to surprise your guests at parties or to make a different dessert on weekends for your children, who will be delighted with the ease and originality with which you can make something so delicious.

We hope you enjoy preparing these recipes and as a recommendation, we suggest you buy enough fruit and chocolate because once you try the first dessert it is difficult to stop and you will always wish for more, your children and you will be delighted, then you just will think about repeating these desserts more often.

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