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Cafe Britt Gourmet Hot Cocoa,14.1 Ounce Can

Product Description
Hot Cocoa that’s silk for the palate and satin for the soul. Our delicious Britt Gourmet Hot Cocoa is made from the finest cocoa beans and pure cane sugar. Ideal for a moment of ultimate indulgence or fine giving to your favorite chocolate lovers. To make a perfect cup of hot chocolate, mix 2 tablespoons of Britt Gourmet Hot Cocoa into 6 ounces of hot milk and stir well. Now comes the best part! Sit back and savor how rich and delicious hot chocolate can be. Each 14.1oz container makes 18 servings. Discover why we’re the preferred choice of top chefs around the world.

Price: $9.95

  • 1 can of Britt’s Gourmet Hot Cocoa
  • Gourmet Hot Cocoa
  • Made from the finest cocoa beans and pure cane sugar

dolce vita
Can you find the little heart in that crema? I found it while processing the image 😉

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Wooww, nice product! I want to share this product!

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