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Chocolate Golf Ball Hand Dipped Oreo Cookie Candy Party Favors

Product Description
* One dozen (12) chocolate hand dipped GOLF BALL Oreo cookie favors. Each cookie is placed in a paper cup, individually sealed in a cellophane bag and tied with satin ribbon.

Price: $24.00

  • We use Premium Guittard Chocolate
  • All of our favors are sealed in crisp, clear cellophane bags and tied with satin ribbon
  • We offer milk, dark and white chocolate
  • Our confections are produced in a commercially licensed, inspected and insured kitchen
  • Our favors are made to order. Please allow 3-5 business days to process your order, plus shipping time.

the last chocolate maker in town
MUCH of Bristol’s wealth was built on chocolate making, but 150 years after Joseph Fry first started the industry in Small Street, only one manufacturer is left working in the city.

Guilbert’s – the last chocolate maker in town – is returning to the roots of the industry with the opening of its new headquarters in one of the city’s most historic buildings.

The 100-year-old company is determined to stay loyal to its heritage and is opening its new shop and manufacturing base a few yards away from where Joseph Fry produced his first bar of chocolate in 1756.

Cadbury is in the process of moving out of Somerdale in Keynsham, while the Elizabeth Shaw factory in Greenbank is being turned into flats. But Guilbert’s is determined to keep the art of the chocolatier alive after new backers became involved in the company.

A year ago, Sakina and Roger Buoy, who also own The Somerset Toiletry Company, went into partnership with Alan and Wendy White, the owners of Guilbert’s and the chocolate makers.

Roger Buoy, a marketing specialist, stumbled across the firm by accident and claims their products are amongst the best in the world.

He said: “As a businessman I’ve always worked by gut instincts, and my gut instinct is telling me that this is going to be a real success story.

“I wake up giggling to myself every morning because I know these chocolates are going to be a real hit.

“They may have been a part of Bristol’s story for the last century but I think the work we’re doing with the company now will ensure that they are going to be around for a good many years to come.”

The firm’s range has been repackaged and re-launched and the firm is determined to expand. As a part of the expansion it was decided a new headquarters and shop was needed.

And the firm has settled on the Foster Rooms – which for many years was the home of one of the city’s most exclusive restaurants.

Guilbert’s was originally set up by a Belgian chocolatier who married a West Country girl and moved to Bristol to be at the heart of the industry.

The first store was in Park Street and a second shop then opened in Bath. Like many of the businesses in Bristol, Guilbert’s fell victim to the Blitz and the company was forced to move out to Gloucester Road. In 1958, it moved back to the city centre to its current location in Leonard Lane, just off Corn Street.

Guilbert’s still makes chocolates for the local market but now also supplies the likes of Fortnum and Mason and some of the most highly respected British chocolate companies who no longer make their own chocolates.

Small Street dates back to medieval times and both King Charles and Oliver Cromwell stayed there in 1680.

Number 16/17 is commonly known as The Foster Rooms as it was the home of the 15th Century merchant John Foster.

Foster made his money in cod and salt and funded the building of the almshouses and chapel at the top of Christmas steps.

The building became an exclusive up-market restaurant in 1961 and was for years frequented by VIPs.

Guilbert’s still make their chocolates using time honoured methods which means every chocolate is 100 per cent handmade and hand dipped.
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