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Russell Stover Pecan Delight Gusset Bag, 16.10 Ounce

Product Description
Crunchy pecans, buttery caramel and sweet milk chocolate. Handcrafted in small batches. Individually wrapped.

Price: $8.00

  • Perfect for snacking, candy dishes, and gifting
  • Made in United States
  • Perfect for a sweet, minty treat at home, work, or on the go

Bristol trade directory 1871 – starting with Letter C
Canvas Makers

Anderson & Abbot, 9-10 High street
Lloyd C.T. 9 Small street
Wait Emanuel, 14-15 Queen’s quay
Whitwill, Gibson & Co. Grove avenue

Capsule Manufacturers

Durant John, Dean lane
Durant T. & Son, 62 Kingsdown parade

Carpenters and Joiners
(see www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/15864161746/)

Carpet Warehousemen

Bird E. & T. 27 Corn street
Cordeux F. Barrs street
Laverton & Co. Maryport street
Smith & Co. 13 St. Augustine’s parade
Snow & Taylor, Wine street and Cheese market
Steevens A. J. 32 Park street

Carriage and Coach Builders

Barton J. & Sons, Quay head, St. Augustine’s back and Host street
Craymer F. & Co. 36 Thomas street
Follwell E. & Son, Brunswick square
Frost C. J. Coronation road
Fuller & Son, 9 St. George’s road
Loveridge J. Frogmore street
Mitchell W. Paradise place, New river
Moreton William, 2 Meadow street
Perrott J. 26 College street
Perry T. J. & J. F. 61 Stoke’s croft
Pinnock J. B. 1 Old King street
Rogers William & Co. College place
Trott William, South place, Bedminster bridge
Walker G. Lawrence hill

Carriers (Railway)

Bland —. High street
Crowley, Chaplin, & Horne, Temple street and Batch
Danks &Sanders, Bull Wharf, Redcliff street
Evered & Co. Three Queen’s Yard, Thomas street
Fish Joseph, 106 Temple street
Gerrish & Sainsbury, Knee William, 16 Temple street
Stone Moses, 102 Thomas street
Sutton & Co, 4 Castle street (G. Smith, agent)
Pickford & Co., Tower st, Great gardens, Stone bridge, Quay head
Stone & Co. 102 Thomas street
Wall J. C. 89 Narrow quay, 3 High st. 127 Redcliff street, Dolphin street, & 9 Nelson place, & Queen’s road, Clifton

Carvers (Wood) and Gilders
(see www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/15864161746/)

Cask and Bottle Factors

Grylls J. J. & Co. 58 Queen square

Cattle Salesmen and Dealers

Bennett P. Alfred, Pennywell road
Coonan M. Colston’s parade, Stapleton road
Hennessey J. Black Horse yard, West street
O‘Shaughnessy D. 47 Thrissell street, Easton
Shean John, 1 New street

Cement Manufacturers

Butcher William, Rupert street (dealer)
Butler James & Co. 8 Cheese lane
Cripps Richard, Redcliff wharf (agent)
Lankford & Co. Commercial road
Patent Cement Works, Marsh street (R. Stubbs, proprietor)

Chain and Chain Cable Manufacturers

Baker, Houghton & Co. Redcliffback
Bell & Daniel, Marsh street
Bristol Chain and Anchor Testing Co. Marsh street Ironworks
Cooksley William & Alfred, Horton street
Haynes Henry, 5 Gloster road
Priest Mark, Bread street
Sinneway Joseph, 1 Harlston street

(see www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/2130108115/)

Chair and Bedstead Makers
(see www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/15864161746/)

Chandelier Manufacturers

Chilcott & Gardiner, 1 Nelson street
Hale Thomas & Son, 3 Narrow Wine street
Levy Abraham, Victoria street (glass, etc)

Charcoal Manufacturers

Dodderal E. Temple backs
Lockyer & Son, Avonside Works, St. Philip’s marsh
Prangley & Co. St Philip’s marsh
Proctor H. and T. Prewett street, Cathay .

(see soap and candle makers)

Cheese Merchants & Factors

Carey William, Tucker street, Bath street
Clark W. & Son, 148 Temple street, (Cheddar (export)
Lewis Brothers, 10 Small street
Sheppard S. Pennywell terrace
Stevens H. Narrow Wine street
Symes & Son, 9 Temple street
Wright James, 13 Small street

(see provision dealers, etc)

Chemists and Druggists
(see www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/15950398732/)

Chimney Sweepers

Andros William, Waterloo place, Clifton
Andres I. Nelson buildings
Andrews J. Wilder street
Bendell H. 30 Berkeley place
Coles R. 19 Bryant street, Redcliff hill
Cummins J. Berkeley place
Cummins J. jun. Blackboy hill
Cummins J. M. St Matthew’s road
Dann Joseph, 2 Steep street
Davis Thomas, 11 Wilder street
Earl Henry, 72 Thomas street
Foulkes J. 2 Hillgrove street
Hardige W. 5 Berkeley vale
Hill Edward, 27 Wade street
Hill J. 1 Lower Berkeley place
Hill J. sen. 3 Lower Berkeley place
Johnson Henry, 8 Cherry street
Martin W. Lower Lamb street
Osgood E. Durdham down
Osgood G. Love street
Rose M. St. George’s road
Williams J. East street, Bedminster

China, Earthenware, and Glass Dealers

Allpass John, 27 College street
Alway George, 10 Clarence road, West street
Baker J. Kingsdown avenue
Baker William, East street, Bedmnster
Barker J. 29 Wine street
Bryan J. C. East street
Bunce J. 3 Haberfield crescent
Call George, 2 Portland place
Chapman Selina, 41 Stokes croft
Cluett J. 78 Stokes croft
Cohen Myer, 4 Poyntzpool, West street
Coombs G. 30-31 Upper Arcade
Cottrell William, Barrs street
Day T. L. 60 Castle street
Gill Miss, 56 Paul street
Gill Mrs. 12 Paul street
Gray William, 87 Redcliff street
Harris W. 5 Merchant street
Harris William, 17 Queen’s parade
Harwood T. 2 St. George’s road
Hembrough A. 2 Commercial row
Jenkins James, Cumberland street
Kepple S. J . 3 Clare street
Marsh Thomas, 6 West street
Miles John, 39 Redcliff street
Mundy G. T. 5 Royal Promenade
Owen Francis, Black boy hill
Palmer Mrs. 1 Belmont, Clifton
Purnell William, Wells road
Short E. 5 Phippen street
Simeon A. 10 Love street
Smith F. G. 2 Eldon place
Tidcombe Mrs. 28 Redcliff hill
Thomas S. 12 High street
Warr Charles, 8 Hill’s buildings, Newfoundland street
Williams J . Old Market street & 1 Castle street
White G. Factory street, St. Philip’s
White J . A. 21 Bedminster causeway
Whitehouse Joseph, 81 Temple street
Withers Frederick, 8 Lower Arcade


Colman James, 12 Dowry parade, Hotwells

Church Furnishers and Decorators

Austin & Oates, 9 Park street
Dix W. C. 32 The Triangle

Cider Merchants

Duck G. & Co. Tailors’ Court, Broad street
Le Ray J. 46 Broad quay

Cigar Manufacturers
(For Cigar Dealers, see Tobacco Dealers)

Clevely W. H. 6 Bridewell street
Foster, Arthur & Co. Nicholas street (merchants)
Moore M. 66 Wine street

Clock Manufacturers and Church Clock Makers

Aicher H. 10 Nicholas street
Allis J. H. Small street
Dell Brothers, 43-44 Broad street
Fehrenbach C. 4 St James’s churchyard
Hale Thomas & Sons, Narrow Wine street
Llewellins & James, Castle green
Meyer L. J. Barrs street
Peters John & Co. 30 College green
Platnauer Brothers, 11 Bath street
Warry J. & M. B. 101 Redcliff street

Clock Case Makers

Hayman R. 5 Horfield road
Platnauer Brothers, 11 Bath street
Richards J. 27 Milk street
Wood William, 43 Redcliff street

Clock Clog Makers

Bevan R. 24 Broadmead
Dutton Henry, 37 West street
Middleton F. 47 Temple street
Sale John, Clarence road

Clothes Manufacturers Wholesale

Crowe, M. & Co. St. Augustine’s place
Gardiner, Wathen & Co. 38 Broad street
Hockey & Co. 33 Bridge street
Hyam & Co. Bridge street
Pullin & Co. Gloucester road
Solomon Brothers, 23 Bridge street
Taylor, Tucker, & Co. 5 Old King street
Walsh D. H. & Co. Quay street
Wathen, Gardiner, & Co. 38 Broad street (export)

Clothes Retail
(See Outfitters)

Clothes Cleaners

Cann Henry, 24 Host street
Bartlett G. W. 5 Lower Montague street
Potter J. 5 St James’s square avenue
Withers Mrs. Portland street

Clothes Dealers

Austin W. Sim’s alley
Davis Ann, 2 Horsefair
Dibble Harriet, 5 Upper Arcade
Eastwood I. 77 Old Market street
Levy Solomon, 15 Horsefair
Maggs Mrs. 12 Horsefair
Miller William, 5 Orchard street, St Philip’s
Peasley Frederick, Poyntzpool
Starr W. Castle Mill street
Wallis Mrs. 6 Lower Arcade
Watkins H. 6 Horsefair
White Susan, 21 Horsefair
Whittard Edmund, 2-3 Broad weir
Williams D. 9-10 Lower Arcade
Whittard Henry, 4 Lower Castle street
Whittard J . A. Sims’s Alley
Wills Caroline, 10-11 Horsefair

Cloth Pressers and Packers

Willway & Jack, 7 Denmark street
Willway W. J . & Co. 15 Christmas street, 1 Rupert street, & Redcliff hill

Coach Builders

Ayre John, Lawrence hill
Stoate James, Lower St Michael’s hill

Coach Spring Makers and Smiths

Brown T. 72 Old Market street
Courtice John, Albert road, St. Philips & 7 Mead street, Bedminster
Ferris J . 11 Nelson street
Jenkins William, College place
Rogers S. T. Lower Clifton hill
Webber John, 18 St George’s road

Coach Proprietors

Tucker E. J . King square mews
Follwell E. & Son, Upper York street
Follwell Edward, Brunswick square
Knight John, Alma place, Stapleton road
Lee G. 1 Dolphin street and 16 Narrow wine street
Newport W. G. North street
Reed William B. Queen’s road
Wintle John, Rosemary street

Coal Proprietors

Ashton Vale Company, Long Ashton
Bedminster Coal Co. East street, Bedminster
Bristol Coal Mining Co. back of West street
Chick and Brown, Pennywell road
Kingswood Coal & Iron Company Ltd, Midland road, West street
Leonard, Boult, & Co. Easton Colliery
Malago Northside Coal Co. (secretary, J . Clark, West street, Bedminster
Wethered, Cossham, and Wethered Pucklechurch Collieries (office, back of West Street)

Coal Merchants

Bennett J. Temple back
Cook H. Mardyke, Hotwells
Cripps R. Redcliff back
Davis T. Redcliff back
Dudley & Gibson, Floating Dock, Hotwells
Farley Thomas & Son, Avon street
Foxwell T. D. Avon street and Totterdown wharf
Hassell E. O. 1 The Grove
Hewitt C. H. & J . Lower Railway wharf, St. Philip’s
Johnston George, Hotwell road, South
Knight G. Avon street, St Philip’s
Lovell J . G. Butts wharf
Martin E. B. Hotwells
Mortimer & Co. City Coal yard, Small street, and Hotwell road
Newport Coal and Coke Company, St. Philip’s bridge
Poole Bros. Hotwell road and 20 The Quay
Punfield & Co. Nova Scotia wharf
Rawle Mrs. Prince street
Ring & Co. Temple back
Sage J. Merchants’ wharf, Hotwells
Smith Frederick George, Sea mills
Snow J . & Co. Upper Railway wharf
Summers J. Upper Railway wharf
Vincent W. Wapping wharf
Waters Robert V. St. Philip’s marsh
Webb & Trotman, Lower Railway wharf
West of England Coal Co. Manager, G. Cox, 24 Quay head
Wethered, Cossham, and Wethered, Midland road, West st
Williams & Bird, Upper Railway wharf
Wookey William, 12 Caroline place, Hotwells

Cocoa and Chocolate Makers

Fry J. S. & Sons, 12 Union street

Coffee Dealers Wholesale

Eyre Joseph & Co. Bath street
Weaver, Hampson, & Co. 12 Baldwin street

Coffee Roasters

Cockram Richard, Ellbroad street
Duck & Co. 2 Unity street, College green
Farler J. & Son, 36 Redcliff hill
Manley William, 6 Christmas steps
Tuckett Brothers, Clifton down
Weaver & Hampson, Baldwin street

Coffin Furniture Manufacturer

Capenhurst John L. Jacob street

Coke Manufacturers

Reece W. & Co. Temple meads
Thomas W. H. Temple meads

Colonial Brokers

Buzzard W. 28 Baldwin street
Fedden W. J. & H. Royal Insurance buildings
Wills John, 2 Baldwin street

Color Manufacturers

Arthur and Son, Nelson street
Clements S. G. & Co. Lewin’s mead
Colthurst & Harding, Temple gate
Hare J. & Co. Temple gate
Hellier, Wills, and Hurndall, Castle green
Tratman Brothers, 77 The Quay

Comb Makers and Horn Workers

Bilby Samuel, 108 Temple street
Pritchard & Sons, Upper Easton


Belfield D. P. 62 Wine street
Catlin John, 20 Wine street
Jones J. & Co. Maryport street
Lott W. V. 22 Redcliff street
Vincent J. 18 Wine street

Confectioners, (Wholesale)

Burge & Co. 14 West street
Fardon & Townshend, 48 Castle street
Hatton William, 21 Union street
Hitchcock John, 86 Old Market street
Jerman H. & Co. 4 Lewin’s mead
King J. & Co. 73 Redcliff street
Sanders & Ludlow, 42 Redcliff street
Wetton H. D. 40 Kingsland road & Church lane, St. Philip’s

Confectioners & Pastry Cooks
(see also Bakers www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/15891282825/)

Baker Joseph, 17 Southampton parade
Benardina —. St. James’s back
Biddlecombe E. A. 5 North street
Blanchet M. A. 38 Triangle place
Bolling John, Bindon place
Bolling J. 15 Regent street, Clifton
Bryant John, 5 Newfoundland street
Burgess Edward, 2 Bath parade
Calder Frederick, 83 Stokes croft
Cima & Jacomelli, 3 Queen’s road
Cima J . 34 High street
Clarke C. 38 Castle street
Clarke E. 103 Redcliff street
Clarke Robert, Nova Scotia place
Coleman Francis, 63 Hotwell road
Cortisi J . A. 73 Stoke’s croft
Cousins Elizabeth, 17 Lower Arcade
Cousins Elizabeth, 9 Rosemary street
Crossfield Stephen, 33 Lower Arcade
Dare George, 27 Kingsdown parade
Davis C. 60 Stokes croft
Dinwiddy J . 12 Peter street
Duncan A. St. Augustine’s parade
Griffths Andrew, 5 Christmas steps
Grimes J . 95 Old Market street
Hall M. L. 3 Blackbird’s place, Stapleton road
Hall T. H. W. 20 Park street
Hall T. 44 Castle street
Hallett Albert, Paradise place, New River
Harrison Charles, 38 Redcliff hill
Hatton S. 2 Old Market street
Hatton William, 21 Union street, Market gate, and 18 Milk st
Heath E. 12 Berkeley place
Hitchcock John, 86 Old Market street
Howell Isaac, 7 Beaumont place
Huntley G. 5 St. Augustine’s parade and 42 High street
Jacomelli Charles, 11 St Augustine’s parade
Jacomelli G. Hotwell road
Jones Elizabeth, 16 Redcliff hill
Jones Henry, 37 Broadmead
Jones J . 4 James’s Barton
Joyce E. 29 Broadmead
Lamb D. 13 Clarence road
Lanham William, 3 Nelson place, Clifton
Lewis John, 1 Old King street
Lippiatt George, 10 Hotwell road
Mackay Joseph, 30 Old Market street
Mealing William, 2 Kingsdown parade
Monkley L. Jacob’s wells
Nattriss George, Wine street and 5 Corn street
Nott Edward, 92 Redcliff street
Older Henry, 25 Wade street
Oliver Mrs, Sims’s alley
Osborne Jane, 93 Redcliff street
Parrott E. 1 Whitehouse street
Passmore William, South Green street
Perry W. H. Bristol bridge and 42 Castle street
Phillpott T. C. 38 West street
Pike John, Victoria st. Stapleton road
Pomeroy W. C. 5 Mall buildings
Pope H. 47 Redcliff hill
Porter Caroline, 17 Gloster lane
Porter J ohn, 34 West street
Powell James, 4 King square avenue
Purnell W. 3 Victoria terrace, East street
Rooks Thomas, Lawrence hill
Richards M. A. 23 Hotwell road
Smart William, East street
Smith A. & Co. 27-28 Bridge street
Smith Jacob, 19 Redcliff hill
Smith J. 11 Maryport street
Smith J. H. 125 Thomas street
Smith J. 7 Castle Mill street
Snellgrove George, Sims’s ally
Street Henry, Lawrence hill
Thomas Morgan, Boyce’s avenue
Titterton J. Orchard street, St. Philip’s
Warren T. A. 5 Regent street, Clifton
Weeks E.H. 28 Maryport street & Queen’s road
Wheeler J. K. 6 St. Michael’s crescent
Wheeler & Son Elton place, Horfield
Wheeler Charles, 8 Portland place
Willis William, Lawrence hill
Winter J. Kingsland road .
Wotman William, Sims’s alley


Bishop George Whitehouse lane, Bedminster
Blinkhom William, Mayor’s terrace (railway)
Brock William J. Temple Meads (railway)
Fryer J. A. 14 Ambrose road
Mereweather Richard, Victoria road, Bedminster
Osborne S. 5 Bathurst parade
Parsons John, Byron place
Raymond H. G. 16 Camden terrace
Sinnott George, Temple backs
Slade F. Freshford villa, Clifton wood
Thorn J. Western place, Cumberland basin
Treadwell William, Grenville place
Yalland John, Capt. Carey’s lane


Boone W. & S. R. 119 Temple street
Brain & Son, Redcliif back
Brown A. J. Lawrence hill
Brown W. Lawrence hill
Bush James & Robert, Baldwin street, Hall and Meadow street
Byrt William, 50 Broad quay
Carling James, H. 32 Hotwell road
Dash John, Jacob street
Davis H. V. 5 City road
Edbrooke Robert, 22 Clifton street
Eley Edward, 3 Earl street
Ford & Canning, Canon’s marsh
Granger W. & Son, Welsh back
Howell Charles, Marsh street
Lewis E. T. Bridewell street
Phillips Josh. Clark street & Lewin’s mead
Shaddlick J . 4 Broad plain
Spring Mary, 21 Castle green
Stephens T. Little King street
Sweatman S. O. 42 Broadmead
Taverner Charles, 15 Horton street
Tutton S. The Grove
Warren C. 4 Bridge parade, St Philip’s
White J. Temple gate
Williams D. Portwall lane
Woodman C. St. Philip’s marsh

Copper Merchants

Butterworth, McA_rthur, Bridges & Co. Charlotte street


Adlam G. & Son, 6 Narrow weir and Ellbroad street
Boone & Son, 79 Redcliff street
Curtis J . 27 Baldwin street
Gotley Brothers, 21 and 34 Thomas street
Hale Thos. & Sons, 3 Narrow Wine street
Harris H. 6 Lower Castle street
Llewellins & James, Castle green
Mitchell A. P. 38 Welsh back
Newton, Son, & Heanes, 69 Redcliff street
Parnall & Sons, 22 Narrow Wine street
Tratman Brothers, Broad quay
Williams A. G. & C0. 40 Thomas street

Copper-Plate Printers
(See Printers)

Cordage Merchants
(Cordage, Ropes, and Slings)

Rains G. H. & Co. Canons’ marsh
Terrell William & Sons, Welsh back
Wait E. Narrow quay
Whitwill Mark & Son, Grove avenue

Cork Cutters

Coles & Harper, The Grove
Collins & Champion, 63 Castle street
Ford S. 60 Thomas street
Goldsworthy John, 10 St. John’s bridge
Hallett H. West street, Bedminster
Hallett J . Clarence road, Bath bridge
Kerby Miss, Backfields, St. Paul’s
Moore G. W. 84 West street
Pobj oy W. 26 Thomas street
Powell J. & S. 28 Redcliff street
Smith William Henry, Jacob street
Williams G. Jacob street

Cork Render Maker

Wookey William, George, Bell Avenue

Corn and Flour Factors, Merchants & Dealers
(see also Bakers)

Acutt George, 9 Queen square
Adams R. & H. 36 Welsh back
Adams William & Son, 12 Old Market street
Anstey J . 98 Thomas street
Baker W. & Son, Redcliff back
Barnard Francis, 15 Queen square
Bobbett J. W. 50-51 West street
Box E. L. 121 Redcliff street
Broughton T. A. B. & Co. 10 Welsh back
Budgett H. H. & S. & Co. 12-13-14 Nelson street
Callow Thomas, 81 West street
Chamberlain, Pole & Co. Broadmead
Chard & Son, 6 Barrs street
Cole Brothers, 13 Welsh back
Cole and Co. Clare street hall
Crocker H. J . 3 Clarence road
Curtis H. J . Ashley road
Curtis J . T. and Co. 4 Welsh back
Davey Charles S. 62 Stoke’s croft
Davies Bros. 38 Queen square
Davis H. 7 Queen’s prd. Stapleton rd.
Duddridge James, 108 Thomas street
Duddridge Jane, 126 Thomas street
Dyer G. B. Little King street
Evans G. 25 Stoke’s croft
Fear Brothers, Back street
Forbes Robert, Wells road
Gane Charles, 12 Narrow quay
Gough W. Guinea street
Grace Bros. Welsh back
Gullifer T. West street, Bedminster
Hall E. G. Clare street hall
Harill Mrs. 143 Thomas street
Hewett W. H. 14 North street
Hickman & Son, 80 Narrow quay
Holmes warehouse, Tontine
Humphnes & Co. 16-17 Welsh back
Hurley Thomas, 79 Old Market street
Jones Henry, 36-37 Broadmead
(Henry Jones invented self-raising flour www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/2052129101/)
Lucy W. C. & Co. 15 Queen square
Leader Thomas,. 7 West street
Lorymer E. G. Tontine warehouse
Morton Albert Daniel, Temple gate
Ottaway Charles, Pipe lane, Temple, and Cathay
Paget George, 12 West street
Pike George Henry, 10 Peter street
Price Mrs. 81 Thomas street
Ridgway & Co. Currant lane, Prince street
Riddle I. Bath street
Seager John, 9 Phippen street, Redcliff
Sheppy & Co. St. George’s road
Stoate, Hosegood, & Co. 42 Welsh back
Turner, Nott & Strong, 25 Welsh back and Redcliff street
Wait & James, 32 Welsh back
Ward & Son, 2 Bridge parade
Weare Rupert A. 48 Redcliff hill

Cotton Manufacturers

Great Western Cotton Company, Limited (manager and Director, Charles F. Sage)

Cotton Ball (Sewing) Manufacturers

Naish & Co. 76 Castle street

Crucible Manufacturers

Church T. Barton hill

Curriers, Leather Cutters, and Sellers
(see www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/15726936537/)

Curiosity Dealers

Devonald George, 13 Grosvenor place

(see www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/15725663040/)
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