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Starburst Bulk Candy Wholesale – 10 Full Pounds

Product Description
Wrigley brands are well-known and loved worldwide. Three of these brands – Juicy Fruit, Wrigley’s Spearmint and Altoids – have heritages stretching back more than a century. Other well-loved brands include Orbit, Extra, Starburst, Doublemint, Skittles, Freedent, Airwaves, Life Savers, Eclipse, and Winterfresh. Wrigley sells its products in more than 180 countries around the world.

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  • Ten (10) Full Pounds of Original Starburst
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Image from page 230 of “American bee journal” (1861)
Title: American bee journal
Identifier: americanbeejourn5859hami
Year: 1861 (1860s)
Subjects: Bee culture; Bees
Publisher: [Hamilton, Ill. , etc. , Dadant & Sons]
Contributing Library: UMass Amherst Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: UMass Amherst Libraries

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one side is left entirely open, or a sheet of burlap or cheesecloth is hung over it. Of the hundred or more hives, perhaps one-third had a cloth hung across the front, the rest were entirely open, as shown in fig- ure 5. About twice each year the combs are all cut out and the bees thrown back into the empty boxes. There is, of course, much loss from the melting of combs filled with brood, but the peon is indifferent to that. The wax is a saleable commodity and the bees will soon re-establish themselves. The wax is sold, for the most part, to the Catholic priests for the making of wax candles for cere- monial purposes. This system has one great advan- tage over the box hive beekeeping of other sections; it automatically elim- inates American foulbrood. With all the combs melted up at such frequent intervals, this disease can never get much of a start among the bees, and the nearby beekeeper, following prac- tical methods, needs have but little fear of the harboring of American foulbrood by his Mexican neighbors. is high. The consumer pays for the bottle, for the handling, overhead charges, cost of selling, etc. Unfor- tunately, too, few markets offer honey in more than two-pound pack- ages. It is seldom that a five-pound pail or a ten-pound pail can be pro- cured other than from some bee- beekeeper. On the other hand, maple syrup is to be had by the gallon. The question may be raised, there- fore, are the beekeeper and packer at fault in supplying the small package of honey and not offering a larger package? There is every indication that the jobber and retailer will han- dle it if it is available. The public is in a receptive mood, ready to learn how to liquefy candied honey, how to properly keep it and use it, if ob- tainable in bulk. But if sold in large packages it would seem that the prices should be consistent with the lessened cost of packing and hand- ling. Since the expression "Honey for Cooking" is so commonly met with, why not use it as a catch word in introducing perhaps, first, the live- pound package, and later die ten- pound? Let the package bear these words and with them a brief expla- nation of liquefying the candied honey and of properly keeping it after liquefied. Brief suggestions for utilizing honey in the preparation of foods and preserves could also lie in- cluded. There is another feature. The east- ern producer who is in the midst of large and dense populations finds a ready sale locally for all the honey which he produces: moreover, he finds that the pound package is his best selling size. Probably his best profits are on this size. Therefore, there is little inducement for him to pack in larger containers, thereby re- ducing the price and his profits. How- ever, low grade honey produced in the commercial apiaries of the west might well be packed and graded ready for eastern retail trade and known on the eastern market as "Honey for Cooking." Perhaps it would help the producer to dispose of his darker honey. The question, therefore, may be raised: is there not an opportunity to wholesale, properly labeled, five, and possibly ten-pound containers, crated in lots of six and shipped in a wholesale way ready to be disposed of directly to the jobbing grocers? It would cost the producer slightly more to prepare his honey for market in this form, rather than in the sixty-pound cans, but it is the writer’s opinion that a satisfactory profit could be obtained and yet the honey made available for cooking purposes at a cost attractive to the public. There would be needed a little edu- cational work among the jobbers. Perhaps, too, the retailers would need to be informed. The public, however, is ready "Honey for Cooking" By Dr. Burton N. Gates, Associate Professor of Beekeeping, Massa- chusetts Agricultural College ii~f "f ONEY for Cooking" is an ex- pression commonly met with in talking to the public who are eager to supplement and to save the sugar supply, but who at the same time are anxious to make a portion of their usual preserves, jellies and jams and to prepare their household foods. The public is ready to use honey in the various ways but they say "Honey for Cooking" is so ex- pensive. The only remark in reply is, in Yankee fashion, a question, "Are urn sure that it is so much more expensive than sugar?" .When purchased in jelly tumblers or less than pound packages, the rate *W^ ^L m*

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Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.
By Internet Archive Book Images on 1861-01-01 00:00:00

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