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Vintage Kraft Paper Pillow Box Chocolate Candy Treat Box Kit Rustic Gift Boxes with Twine for Wedding Favors Baby Shower Birthday Party Supplies, 50pc

Product Description
Imagining that what a romantic and elegant wedding gift when you present to your guest with this gorgeous Kraft Paper Pillow Candy Box.
It comes with jute twine, will make it more creative, and give your wedding favors a vintage touch.
Perfect for wedding, parties, celebrations, graduations, banquet events, or other special event decorations etc.

Candy Gift Boxes with twine, 50PC.

Size: 3.54x 0.94x 2.51 inch (L x W x H)

Material: High Quality Rustic Kraft Card Paper.

Capacity: about 4-6 pieces Dove or Hershey.

Decorative Favor Box edges are easy to fold, items come in flat.

Jute Twine are included with this purchase.

The decorating possibilities are endless.
Favor boxes are perfect for favors and bring a decorative touch to any place setting or favor table at any event, party, or trade shows.
You can also use them to give out to your guests as take home candy box.

PLEASE NOTE: The colors of products when viewed on your computer monitor may appear different than the actual color of the merchandise.
We make every attempt to give you a good representation of the available colors for each product sold, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee an exact match.
Dye lot variance of 1 to 2 shades is considered normal.

Price: $10.99

  • Kraft Paper Pillow Candy Box Bulk with 50pc jute twine, tie a cross or bow-knot, more elegant and romantic, each box measures 3.54″x 0.94″x 2.51″
  • Brown Kraft Pillow Gift Box Set Container for gift/ candy/ cupcake/ chocolate. Elegant Favor Boxes are perfect for holding little goodies you wish to bestow on guests for special occasions
  • Mini Paper Pillow Box kit are high quality Kraft Boxes, its vintage design allows you to present your charming favors with grace. Excellent use for small items like necklaces/ bracelet/ rings/ earrings, vintage style to enhance the touch of elegance
  • Decorative Candy Packaging Box for fudge and sweet chocolate. Lovely designed craft cardboard boxes for Gift/ Candy/ Cupcake, great for Wedding/ Birthday Party/ Baby Bridal Shower/ Garden Party/ Holiday Celebrations/ Christmas Party
  • Vintage Wedding Favor Box is easy to assemble and personalize your gift. Top them off with ribbon or affix with personalized labels, stickers, or charms decorate your treat presentation, a pretty displaying box for desserts, and take-out package from wedding or celebrations

Chocolate Boxes in Trendy Designs
There are few gifts better than chocolates candy boxes during #holidays, #Christmas, #Valentine’s Day or for Weddings. Placing delectable chocolates in creatively designed boxes makes gift giving special. A few simple steps can help you create lovely gift boxes in multiple sizes for small favors or for huge gifts of delicious chocolates. Since boxes are custom made, mix and match color preferences. Smaller #boxes are prepared without glue or added tools, while larger creations require the use of non-toxic adhesives.


•Bone floder
•Non-toxic glue
•Wrapping paper

Boxes for Single Items (Technique One):

1. Purchase materials at craft stores. Start your task with versatile cardstock. The paper shows solid on one side with an interesting design on the opposite side. If you prefer, shop online.

2. Download template. Visit a site and click the link that instructs the download. If a template is not to your liking, visit other sites or go to Google Images and search out a box form you prefer to use as a gift box.

3. Now, that you have selected your box #shape you are ready to start creating your gift box. On the cardstock paper, print your box shape. Now, take your scissors and cut out the printed template. If your only recourse is non-decorative paper, search sites that fill the template design you want.

4. Use the printed form to trace the template onto the paper. Cut out the traced shape. Now, place the printed face down on the working surface.

5. Use a ruler or book edge to get a good straight fold on your box. However, a bone folder is the best tool for folding a box into shape. Using the ruler to measure distance from end to end will help keep the box edges in line.

6. Bring the ends together, one at a time. Once each end is pleated at the top of the box, fold into the top tab for closure.

7. The box is now ready for your gift. Unfold the box. Place item inside and re-close the container. You now have a beautifully enclosed gift.

Second Chocolate Box (Method 2- multiple sizes):

1. Save boxes from other items for future gift giving: shoe boxes, tea, small #appliance boxes, and other useful containers.

2. Purchase lovely packaging paper that suits your design needs, birthday, anniversary or baby shower.

3. Cut paper larger than the container and place it on a table under the box, pattern side facing the table.

4. Spread glue along the entire surface of the box bottom, and then place the box squarely in the middle of the wrapping and press. This will seal the paper’s surface to the box.

5. Prepare the top of the box in the same way.

6. Glue the lid the same treatment. While preparing the same side with glue, glue down adjacent sides.

7. Remove irregular sides and fold and glue paper along the inside of the box.

8. Skillfully place parchment into the box for the gift item.

9. Embellish the top outside of the box. Make sure the work is completely dry before placing food items.

10. Now, the candy boxes are ready. Place wrapped sweets on parchment and close.

11. Chill if not giving gift immediately.

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